Comprehensive Exam

At dental innovations a comprehensive exam will include a soft tissue screening and oral cancer screening. In cases of any suspicion we utilize an in-office velscope to gather more information. Your exam may involve x-rays, to include a digital panorex. A comprehensive exam will certainly include a thorough look at your teeth. We will discuss findings and if any problems or concerns are found, options for treatment and/or management will be discussed.

Limited exam

Often a patient will bring to us a specific problem. We can limit our exam to your limited concer(s) and discuss options to resolve your concern.

Dental cleanings

At dental innovations we have available three capable and friendly dental hygienists who can provide a routine cleaning and also have the capability of providing Scaling and Root Planing (deep cleaning) to manage periodontal disease. Professional fluoride treatments are available. Our hygienists are trained in local anesthesia techniques for your comfort.


We make sealants available to our young patients to fortify teeth against pit and fissure decay, the most common type of tooth decay.